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Vocal tones and fluctuation are essential to a phone sex call.
An expressive voice shows that a woman is enthusiastically involved in your conversation.

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sex chatSo What's Your Secret?
We all have secrets… especially secret desires. Sometimes we conceal them from our partners, we only ever privately visit those desires when we masturbate. And masturbation is always kept secret too. We hide so much of our creative sexual fantasies inside of ourselves that they create a mystery all of their own. But some secrets can become even more exciting when they are shared. Does that intrigue you? Should you leave your secret alone in the dark? Or perhaps you should become a Secret Caller.

In Phone Sex it's not the words that count... it's the voice & imagination!

The REAL meaning of Phone Sex is completely lost on the internet. There are far more choices out there than necessary, and obviously, they cause more confusion than comfort to a caller. It's overwhelming, and definitely not a turn on anymore. We created this page to rebel against all the things that we feel are discouraging or confusing to phone sex callers.

We've cut the phone sex industry down to what it REALLY is -- a naughty CONVERSATION. And a good conversation with sexy SENSUAL women is what you are seeking. Surely you want someone who has a sexy voice, is intelligent, chatty, fun, sensual, erotic, creative, and imaginative.We feel my qualities are expressed vividly on this site.

We're here for the man who desires hot talk and has no patience for phoniness. That's a man who knows exactly what he wants and the type of woman he wants to talk to. That's "our" type of guy!! We are also here for that shy guy who is a little too nervous to call for the first time, and afraid of a site with a huge fetish taboo list. We're here to make YOU, the caller, comfortable.... and to offer you a pleasurable experience without all the commercialism. Yes, our conversation will be just as x-rated and as adult as any other phone sex service.We simply decided to package ourselves differently. It just doesn't really matter how pretty the gift wrapping looks once you open the box and find it's empty. Our gift wrap is plain, but you might like what's inside the box just a little bit better.

We won't fill your mailbox with Junk mail. There are no connection fees, there are no "tricks" used to charge you more. Secret Caller is a user-friendly phone sex site with lots of explanations and content for a purpose - because we care about this business and our clients. .

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Secret Caller 1-888-448-8712
10 Minutes is only $20.00 and $2.00 per minute thereafter
$5.00 Discvount to all NEW callers!

You must be over the age of 18 to call our service
*Sorry we DO NOT accept International Calls USA & Canada only
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There will be a recording when you call that line with prompts to follow and full disclosures.
We understand that phone sex is a hobby and for entertainment, we know it's shouldn't be a huge investment.

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Phone Sex at offers you totally Secure, Private, and Discreet Adult Phone Sex Fantasy and sexy erotic telephone conversations at affordable prices. We offer Phone Sex Therapy Sessions, we provide Phone Sex Escort Sessions, and regular Phone Sex Calls. There are many ladies to talk to from all over the Uited States and Canada. All types pf dirty phone chats can be explored during a one on one personal phone sex call. Ladies have varied interests and appearances. But we like leaving that part to remain a mystery.

The Vision of Secret Caller is to provideour clients with a little mystery, class, and intelligence into their phone sex experience. Secret Caller excels in customer service and professionalism while still providing a rich fantasy for entertainment and pleasure. Secret Caller's perfect client? A man who appreciates a Multi-Talented Communication Specialist with experience.
what is phone sex?

Phone Sex is a private conversation between 2 consenting adults whose intent is to arouse, tease, and stimulate the mind and body. An orgasm (for both parties preferably) is the happy ending to an erotic story. Phone sex can be described as guided masturbation fantasy, a sexual exploration, the sharing of fantasies, or as an interactive erotic audio fantasy. The conversation can run from explicit and hardcore…. to erotic and sensual. Phone Sex stimulates the excitement of the forbidden, and it's the safest sex you can have in this day and age. It also may be the most honest type of sex too, because people can ask for exactly what they want without inhibitions. Fantasies obviously occur in the mind, and are accompanied by the thought of something or someone in particular in order to stir our passions. Fantasies are harmless indulgences into our desires that sometimes wouldn't/won't be satisfied in the real world. Phone Sex enhances anyone's fantasies and masturbation. People who do not have a regular sex partner may find the interaction of phone sex to be an exciting change from solo masturbation. It's like taking a quiet personal fantasy one step further by sharing it with someone else. The presence of another person at the other end of the line provides another dimension to fantasy, and that can significantly enhance the experience. What differentiates cybersex from phone sex, fantasy, or even from pornography? When you boil it all down, there really is no difference at all. Acceptance, open-mindedness, understanding, fantasy, sharing, communication, feeling connected, fun, and even learning something new… is what phone sex is about. hot phone sex

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